About Me


About yours truly
Hi, I’m Levi Stenton. I’m a creator of creative media studying Game Development, majoring design, at ‘SAE Qantm’ in Brisbane, Australia. I joined the creative industry to hone my skills as a designer, writer, and programmer to use these developed skills for creating inspiring, touching, and enjoyable content for the world to enjoy.

My prime aspiration as a game developer is to develop, design, and write a narrative of such compelling emotional andmental nature that players around the world are swept with awe.

Work Ethic
When developing games, I pour all my creative energies into my ideas to ensure that I can sculpt the best possible game for the players. I guarantee my work ethic is the best it can be so the quality of my projects are warranted to be of high standard. When I develop my games, I ensure that the player is the director of their destiny. The game is crafted around their enjoyment, so that the player is empowered by their own choices.

My most prominent skills as a game developer fall under three categories: design, story writing, and scripting. I am currently studying design as my major and I’m constantly designing new concepts for games and levels in my own time. Creativity is my strength and I have a strong passion for constructing new ideas and concepts. 

Throughout my entire life I’ve always been in love with the idea of creating my own narratives. My peers have always spoken highly of my creative narratives. My skills as a writer have always received praise from my peers. Whilst scripting and coding video games is a tedious and difficult process, I always ensure I approach the challenge with the best of my abilities. It is also worth mentioning that I am proficient in Photoshop and other image editing applications, as well as video editing software.